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Trace Advisors Cuts Back 100+ Monthly IT Hours for Surgical Eyecare Provider

  • Cloud Computing
  • Managed Services

The large medical practice will be doubling it’s office locations across the country. Rather than adding headcount, the medical practice was looking for a solution that would enable them to quickly add new locations and reduce their IT burden at the same time. Trace Advisors partnered with CommandLink to deliver a solution that went far beyond their expectations.


With over 80 locations and 1,300 employees, this medical and surgical eye care provider needed a consistent, unified network across their locations with a platform to manage and monitor the health of the business. The provider’s IT department needed the ability to offload laborious manual tasks and the scalability of resources to match the company’s aggressive growth strategy.

How we helped

Our network management team designed a disaster-proof ultra redundant network without having to diversify across multiple vendors. By consolidating their network through Trace Advisors, the client now enjoys real-time monitoring, alerting, and 24/7 remediation of circuit trouble. Through our ITSM procurement platform, we are able to manage their new services flawlessly resulting in savings of over $396,000 on their network bill throughout the life of the contract.