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Other Services


The scope and depth of the technology-related services we offer is second to none. If it is technology-related in some way, we can likely help. Other services that we didn’t specifically call out on the other tabs but that fall in our wheelhouse.


IOT (Internet of Things)
IOT is a broad term that applies to many types of sensors connected to internet or a local network (usually wirelessly) which report back data that is then ingested and provided to you in a way where you can gain insights and take actions – which can even be automated. IOT is a tool that allows businesses to be more effective and/or efficient in many areas. If you have any manual processes in your business or areas where you wish you had more data, talk to us to see if there’s a way to potentially automate those manual processes or add sensors to gain more insight into problem areas.

Physical Security as a Service
Would you like to have a cloud-based solution for access control or camera monitoring as part of your business’s physical security? There are many options when it comes to physical security and how to address it from a technology perspective. Imagine having a camera system that uses AI technology to analyze faces or look for dangers such as a weapon and automatically sends a text message to alert the management team onsite the moment a potential danger is detected. If you want to know more, talk to us today to see how we can help you with physical security.

Employee engagement
Do you wish you had a platform that could allow you to easily increase employee retention and engagement? Talk to us learn more about a solution that can ingest employee performance data of any kind and then allow you to make use of that data and establish clear KPIs and goals and then engage the employees via a gamification component to increase their engagement and enjoyment in their role.

Answering services
Don’t want to hire and manage staff just to answer your phones? Talk to us to see if one of our outsourced answering services may be a fit for you.

Features & Benefits

  • Constant support of smart devices and wireless technologies
  • Increased operational efficiency among wireless technologies
  • Cost-effective bill management