Cloud Computing


Benefits of Cloud Computing

Always up to Date
Your applications are always running the latest version available - software and hardware upgrades are part of the service.

Do More With Less
You can reduce the amount of your own resources, which will significantly reduce your overall costs while improving efficiency.

 Opex vs Capex
You pay for your services as an operating expense rather than as a capital expense, meaning you can expense them as you pay for them.  For most busiensses, this is much better than incurring capital expenditures that are not as predictable and forcing you to amortize the costs for longer than their useful life.

Increased Mobility
Your applications are available anywhere, at any time, and on any device. 

Improved collaboration
Cloud computing can improve collaboration by allowing dispersed groups to meet virtually and easily share information in real time.

Less environmental impact
With fewer data centers worldwide and more efficient operations, we are collectively having less of an impact on the environment.